Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


All prices are in Swedish Crowns (SEK), Euro (€) or USD ($) and includes Swedish VAT of 25%. Please get in touch with us via mail to shop@gpstore.se if you order outside E.U.


All orders are handled within 24 hours (during a normal week). You must be at least 18 years old to order from GPstore.se. 
For customer orders of products that normally not are held in stock the customer has to make a pre-payment before GPstore.se order these from its suppliers.


All sales are final and we offer payment through Klarna Checkout, prepayment to our bankaccount, via PayPal-account or via Visa or Mastercard (at PayPal). You do not need a PayPal-account to be able to pay by card.

Product that is out of stock

If one or mor of the requested products are out of stock we will contact you to here if you want to cancel parts of or the entire order.


Shipping within Sweden is SEK 84 if the order is pre-paid. If the order is sent to the local post office and payment is due at pick-up the cost will increase with SEK 101. GPstore.se has the right to debit extra charges if the packages are oversized. For international orders, please contact us for shipping quotes.

Delivery time

Delivery is normally between 2-5 days within Sweden. If the item/s you have ordered no longer is being manufactured or is out of stock we will contact you as soon as possible.

Ownership of the goods

All goods are the property of GPstore.se until full payment has been accepted by GPstore.se.


The rights to regret an order

I Sweden, as a private person you are entitled to regret your order within 14 days of receiving the order. The item/s shall be in its orginal packing and be returned in the same condition as when you received them. The packing must be unopened. If the item has been damaged by the customer or if the original packing or the original label is missing then GPstore.se will not accet the return of these item/s and will not refund the customer. The item/s are to be sent to us without any shipping costs for GPstore.se.

Cancellation of an order

If the customer wants to cancel an order, the customer has to contact GPstore.se as soon as possible. If the items has not yet been sent we will not charge any shipping cost to the customer. In case the item/s has been sent to the customer by GPstore.se, it is not possible to cancel the order.

Return of payment

Return of payment by GPstore.se will take place within 30 days after we have accepted the return of the item/s and made sure that they have not been used, GPstore.se demands that the item/s have not been used and are returned in its original box/wrapping in order to accept the return of the item/s. If the items has been damaged GPstore.se will not accept the return of the item/s. GPstore.se will not refund "postförskottsavgift" that is the cash-on-delivery charge.

Sale, use and cancellation policy regarding the product EZ Lip

The EZ Lip is intended to protect your bumper from scrapes and scratches and it may get damaged over time from regular driving (parking scrapes, bumps, etc). The durability of the EZ Lip also depends on how well it’s installed on the vehicle and how you drive. Due to these reasons we do not offer a warranty except for manufacturer defect upon receipt of the product. We can not accept returns if the product has been removed from the original package or if the product has been installed. Damage that occurrs during the use or installation of the EZ Lip is the responibility of the owner and GPstore.se can not be held responsible for the use or installation of the product.


Force Majeure

In the event of war, natural disaster, the decision by a government, deliveries that has not been sent by our suppliers and all other events that are out of our control GPstore.se can not be hold responsible for not being able to fulfill the requirements by the customer.


You can always contact us via the the contact form.
It is also possible to call us at:+46-8-260920 
(Mon - Fri 17:00-20:00)